I Am Taller
  Are You Ashamed Of Your Height?
If you feel your height lets you down, if you feel that being of a lesser height than average is holding you back or if your lack of stature brings you feelings of low esteem or self worth, then shoe lifts could be the answer. shoe lifts sometimes known as shoe lifts are shoe insoles that fit into any footwear but unlike regular insoles the heel portion is extra thick and this results in a raising of the heel, giving the wearer an increase of height, the increase being dependent on how thick the heel area of the insert is. Some shoe lifts have adjustable inserts that enable the wearer to gradually increase the height available.

shoe lifts first surfaced in Asia, probably due to the relatively lower than average height. Recently shoe lifts have become really popular in the western world and as physical appearance becomes more and more important, shoe lifts are becoming a booming industry. Instant height increase is possible and even the medical profession is impressed by these ingenious devices. Leg length discrepancy is a serious issue for sufferers, some people are born with a disparity in the length of their legs, one leg being shorter in length than the other. Leg length discrepancy can cause the gait or stride of the affected individual to be impaired, limping can occur and in extreme cases there can exist serious pain accompanying an awkward gait. shoe lifts for leg length discrepancies should only be used following consultation with an appropriate medical practitioner.

shoe lifts used to increase height for purely image related reasons should also be treated with the proper respect. Common sense must prevail and any prospective consumer should take this into account. The accepted height increase limit is generally regarded as 5cms tops, anything further and there is a real risk of harm or injury, wearing shoe lifts changes the center of gravity in the wearer and great care and practice is needed to become accustomed to the difference, picture a lady in high heels, the novice wearer of high heels can be seen walking with uncomfortable and awkward steps, the more experienced wearer, will walk with assured and confident steps.

Adjustable shoe lifts are great for both the novice and the experienced user, the beginner can gradually increase the height, starting with the thinnest insert and as they become more sure footed, adding further inserts until their desired height increase is achieved. Adjustable shoe lifts also offer the advantage of a less noticeable increase in height allowing the user to become taller over time, this avoids unwanted comments that can cause embarrassment. Anyone considering the use of shoe lifts, the only height increase solution that guarantees results, should not ignore the advice given here and rush into huge increases of height, it is no good to be hospitalized after an avoidable fall as everyone is the same height lying down. Take it gradually and sensibly and these remarkably cheap and successful inventions can improve your life, your confidence levels and your general feeling of well being in a safe an unnoticeable manner. There is no proof whatsoever that training programs or magic pills will ever increase your height, the only sure fire way is to wear shoe lifts.
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