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Shoe Lifts
Shoe Lifts are one of the most used accessories to help people appear taller. Choosing a great set of lifts can give you an instant height boost, but choosing the pair that is right for you is often based on your personal preferences for height and comfort. These tips will help you choose the perfect set of Shoe Lifts for your needs, and still allow you to be comfortable all day long.

Types of ShoeLifts
There are Shoe Lifts available in a wide range of materials. Shoe Lifts are often used by those with medical conditions, as well as people who want to increase their height. Lifts can easily help you correct some common problems with your knees and gait, and can even help you improve your golf swing. These uses for lifts are among the many reasons that lifts are so popular. Most people prefer a softer insert that provides some cushion, but you really want to have an insert that also provides support for your foot, as well.

Newer Shoe Lifts are made from materials such as silicone, which is soft yet supportive. There are also foam insoles, and those made from a firmer rubber type material, as well. You will find that you need to test several lift sets before you find the one that you like best. In fact, it is often advised that you test each type for a day or two to find the style and materials that you are most comfortable in. This is particularly true if you have tried lifts before and found them uncomfortable. You simply need a different style to fit your needs.

Choosing The Right Height
One aspect of choosing Shoe Lifts is selecting a height increase that you are comfortable with. Inserts can be one-half to two inches thick, with some variations among the different brands and styles available. You can begin with a shorter lift if you want to test the insoles out before going for the full two inch height increase. You may also find that shorter lifts are more comfortable for treating medical conditions, as well. Some people, especially those wearing one heel lift to correct a height imbalance, will want to choose the appropriate height to correct the imbalance.

Custom Shoe Lifts
Custom Shoe Lifts are also an option if you have a specific height that you would like to have. These custom lifts are often more costly, but are also made to last. You will find that after wearing your lifts for a couple of days you become more comfortable and feel at ease with the inserts in your shoes, even when you have chosen a taller lift.

Correct Shoe Fit
Another thing to consider when choosing Shoe Lifts is the size of the shoes you wear most commonly. If you can, you may want to purchase a couple of sets of lifts in different heights to find the height that fits your size best. With a little experimentation, you can easily have Shoe Lifts that fit you perfectly.
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